Campaign talk tells people who you want them to think you are. How you vote tells people who you really are deep inside.
-Fmr. Senator Zell Miller (D-Ga.)

Idaho Legislative Scorecard

2012 Senate Scorecard
2012 House Scorecard

2011 House Scorecard
2011 Senate Scorecard

2010 House Scorecard
2010 Senate Scorecard

2009 House Scorecard
2009 Senate Scorecard
2009 Scorecard Analysis and Additional Information

2008 House Scorecard
2008 Senate Scorecard

2007 House Scorecard
2007 Senate Scorecard

2007-2008 Rankings of Legislature

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7 Responses to “Scorecards”

  1. Do you plan to do a scorecard for the current session?

  2. We are thinking of coming across the boarder from Liberal WA to Idaho. Our concerns are for the protection of our family from the Federal Government ie ( so called) Health Care Reform, 2nd Amendment rights and so on. I would like any information that you can give me. When is the next Gov Race etc. What do you see down the road for Idaho.

  3. Penny Marquart, I do Hope that you make it across safely\ :mrgreen:

  4. I like the quote. But nowadays, people voices can be bought. Perhaps only 60% people who are truly make a vote because this is what they want. We should think about this issue carefully.

  5. When can we expect voting records for 2012? I will be running against a liberal who has been in the house this last term, but is going to run for the State Senate, and will be my opponent. I am a constitutional conservative.

  6. The United States Political landscape has deteriorated over the past few decades due to polarization. We need to stand up in arms and take back our world from Big Pharma, Big Tobbacco, Big Insurance and really just big companies. It’s time for our elections to cease being purchased.

  7. Have you given up? Where is the scorecard for 2013?

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